Indmar’s state-of-the-art SLA Rapid Prototype machines use stereo lithography, also known as 3-D layering or 3-D printing. The RP machines can create solid, plastic, three-dimensional (3-D) prototypes from CAD drawings and models in a matter of hours. These plastic prototypes enable Indmar engineers to confirm the fit and functionality of a part before sending it into production.

Rapid Prototyping gives Indmar a competitive advantage by turning concepts and designs from CAD drawings and models into real objects that are functional and usable for testing purposes before sending it into production. In the past, it could conceivably take months to prototype a part – today Indmar can do it in hours.

If you can dream up a part or product, you can hold a working model in your hands two days later! Indmar’s Rapid Prototype machines are among the most accurate and precise rapid prototyping technologies available. Complete in-house finishing capability for production-like prototypes ensures our new model year designs and parts are delivered on time and ready for immediate application.